Precision in
the battery box

Precision is king! That is something that can be said without hesitation about sheet-metal blanks used in battery boxes. That means smooth mating surfaces, an exact fit for the joint edges for when laser welding begins, as well as reliable edge joints. Those are just a few of the special requirements for what is still a relatively new area of body construction. HSC blanks ensure an exact fit, with no burrs and with geometric tolerances far beyond what is typical.

The material structure of the cut edge is no different from the base material and offers ideal conditions for flawless welding. In addition, all blanks can be laser-marked to suit your requirements. We call those signature blanks.

Battery bases are no longer simple sheets but integrate an array of functions for substance and thermal management. Various hole geometries as well as the application of threads and insertion of nozzles call for exceptional dimensional precision not only for the milling itself, but also for how the dimensions of the complete blank or panel interact. We make precision our top priority in this respect as well because that is the only way to make battery boxes safe, both in assembly and subsequently in the vehicle.

in the body

Our cut-to-length and slitting lines produce outstanding straightening outcomes and deliver A-grade surfaces. Zero ppm. Not a one-off accomplishment, but one achieved many years in succession. A high-speed cut is more than just blanking.

in the chassis

Chassis components benefit twice over from precision blanks. Cut edges machined using the HSC method exhibit hole expansion capabilities up to seven times better for high-strength steels.