Cutting Edge

We don’t spend much time chatting, but are passionate about working hard. For almost ten years, the finest cut edges have come from the far north of Germany. That is a source of great pride for us because we were the ones who invented them. The very same passion drives us to keep on finding new ways to cut each sheet in exactly the best way to meet your needs. That means, quite simply, beautifully defined edges.

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Precision throughout the vehicle

No burrs. No dirt. Nothing but the very best edge to be found anywhere.
That is what has made the quality of our cuts absolutely without parallel for years.

in the body

Our cut-to-length and slitting lines produce outstanding straightening outcomes and deliver A-grade surfaces. Zero ppm. Not a one-off accomplishment, but one achieved many years in succession. A high-speed cut is more than just blanking.

in the battery box

Precision is king! That is something that can be said without hesitation about sheet-metal blanks used in battery boxes. HSC blanks ensure an exact fit, with no burrs and with geometric tolerances far beyond what is typical.

in the chassis

Chassis components benefit twice over from precision blanks. Cut edges machined using the HSC method exhibit hole expansion capabilities up to seven times better for high-strength steels.


Head of Quality Assurance

"We hold EDGE in high regard as a dependable partner with a flat organisational structure, flexibility in critical situations, expertise and dedication. Optimised processes result in a reduction in rework."

We work with EDGE on final coil processing to make metal sheets for visible parts and visible aluminium surfaces in combination with extremely exacting technical dimensional requirements.

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