The cutting process of blanks has a significant influence on their formability


  • Combine unique edge quality and economical benefits
  • Have the best formability of the blank edge
  • Are dust and residue free
  • Scatter less than other tool-free cut blanks
  • Have a positive influence on the flow behavior of the entire component


  • Consistent edge and blank quality - from prototype to EOP!
  • Methodical advantages in the design of forming tools
  • Increased process reliability for particularly critical components


  • EDGE | ENGINEERING is a cooperation project of iLARIZ and EDGE, to provide customers with the knowledge and years of experience in cutting and forming technology.
  • We actively accompany the use of HSC-cut blanks during design and method planning as well as prototype, pre-series and series production.
  • We are constantly developing HSC milling. For instance, 3D machining of profiles (hollow, open) and formed parts in aluminum and steel (incl. hot stamped) as well as milling directly from the coil are on the immediate development agenda.