Our customers always come first. After all, they know better than anyone just what we are capable of. That’s why we give them their say, and we keep quiet.


Head of Quality Assurance

"We hold EDGE in high regard as a dependable partner with a flat organisational structure, flexibility in critical situations, expertise and dedication. Optimised processes result in a reduction in rework."

We work with EDGE on final coil processing to make metal sheets for visible parts and visible aluminium surfaces in combination with extremely exacting technical dimensional requirements.


Managing director 

"The fact that a company up in the north has managed to work its way into an automotive industry based at the other end of the country speaks volumes for it and the quality it delivers!"

We have come up with a highly effective solution to the challenge of processing our coils, which originally arrive in Hamburg, in the north of Germany, without having to cover enormous distances for shipping. We can also expect our panels to be of excellent quality in terms of smoothness and so forth.


Engineering Leader

"EDGE represents excellent flexibility in the delivery of steel blanks. Even amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there was never so much as a blip in the supply chain. We always receive prompt responses, even in extremely busy times, despite differing time zones."

We were impressed by the higher standard of forming and supply. Engaging forming dies via milled blanks enables forming at the pre-production stage that’s good for the tools.


Key account manager

"Through all the years we have worked together, our partnership has always been focused on finding solutions. Right from the start, they understood and adhered to the quality standards of our customers."

Reliability is crucial to success in the automotive sector. EDGE has given us this reliability at all times and enabled us to save a great deal of material in comparison with a rectangular blank.


Authorised representative

"In a nutshell: professional, flexible and always ready to pay attention to our needs."


Project coordinator

"Various dimensions of sheet metal were delivered quickly and to a high standard of quality. Working with EDGE, we were able to resolve a critical supply situation at the pre-production stage."

We are an EDGE customer in the supply of blanks for body panels to the automotive industry.