in the chassis

Chassis components benefit twice over from precision blanks – if not more. A hole is only as good as its edges. And cut edges machined using the HSC method exhibit hole expansion capabilities up to seven times better for high-strength steels.

Pretty useful, no? And because that’s good not only for forming, but also for fatigue behaviour in cut edges on chassis components, we can develop the milling during or after forming. That way, our beautiful edge doesn’t get cut away in the first place.

in the battery box

Precision is king! That is something that can be said without hesitation about sheet-metal blanks used in battery boxes. HSC blanks ensure an exact fit, with no burrs and with geometric tolerances far beyond what is typical.

in the body

Our cut-to-length and slitting lines produce outstanding straightening outcomes and deliver A-grade surfaces. Zero ppm. Not a one-off accomplishment, but one achieved many years in succession. A high-speed cut is more than just blanking.