New innovation: MN Coil Servicecenter mills steel precision blanks for the first time



Steel precision blank with milled cut edge resulting from the high-speed cutting process developed by MN Coil Servicecenter

Benefits of milling now also available for steel precision blanks

09 July 2020, Neustadt in Holstein – Back in 2013, MN Coil Servicecenter GmbH invented and patented a high-speed cutting process for aluminum blanks. Now the MN Coil’s team has developed a process for milling steel precision blanks. With this innovation, MN Coil Servicecenter is striving to achieve new standards of quality, greater product safety, and cost and time savings as result of less scrap for steel as well. Eliminating the need for costly investments in stamping tools will be particularly beneficial to manufacturers of vehicles with annual production volumes of less than 100,000 units.

“Initiated as a result of a single customer’s requirements, we ventured down a new path and were successful,” reports Managing Director Max Brandt. “Driven by our many years of experience and the courage and innovative spirit of our team, our hard work was rewarded with promising results after several series of tests.”

The innovative milling process has also successfully been tested on high-strength and ultra-high-strength cold-formed steel grades. As a result, the MN Coil Servicecenter will soon be able to provide its customers with steel precision blanks made from these important advanced materials with unprecedented cut quality. Like in aluminum, the steel blanks also benefit from a chip and scratch-free surface and an almost burr-free cutting edge. The results also indicate that the process reduces the tendency of the high-strength grades to be susceptible to edge cracking. This in turn will have a significant impact on the rest formability in the edge area, which has already been proven for aluminum. The customers that worked with MN Coil’s team during the development process were supplied with an initial preproduction quantity of future side panels made of standard steel grades. MN Coil Servicecenter will provide updates on the new production process as further information becomes available.

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